Monday, June 2, 2014

At 3 AM

At 3 AM when the world it sleeps
you wander down Broadway
a patchwork pathway swept empty silent
in seeming honor of only you

At 3 AM the foghorn bellows its stoic warning
some forgotten distance away
and you lean into the air and almost make out
the hush of the dark breaking water
that calls out its unknown message to only you

At 3 AM passing through the haloed islands and the electric murmur
of every street lamp
into the dark oasis of the in-betweens
where you look up and see every star
and you're glad you don't have to share them
for they burn for only you

At 3 AM the isolation and solitude you feel
is not at all desperate
you are alone but not lonely
because this moment in time is yours
tailored and presented to you alone
and for only you.

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