Monday, June 17, 2013

Thames Street Irony

walking down Thames
on a summer night
successfully navigating a sidewalk full
of nightlife
with a friend
searching for a decent bar
with not-expensive drinks and
most importantly
not teeming with assholes.

she was a beauty
short, slim
but with all the right curves
that her thin striped dress has seen to
calling them all out
in an astounding symmetrical glory. 

I had no thoughts
as to bedding her
for she was my friend
but I am a man
and notice
a fine form
when presented
if you do not
you risk
offending the gods
and may suffer
some wrath
of some sort. 

it was better
than walking alone
and I remember thinking
that those we passed
would not know
the difference. 

on lower Thames
where the traffic crawls
due to congestion
and stumblers off the curb
a car
filled with all-American 
New England meatheads
constituted of cheap swilled beer
of baseball
of dance music
of the mundane
and frustration
Thinly swabbed over
By too much cologne
Rolled by. 

hanging out the window
in the backseat
of a car
filled with guys
I caught his glare
as he hurled at us
"hey faggots!"

I would have been more
except for the fact
that I was walking
with a beautiful woman
that those we passed
did not know
the difference
instead of riding
in the backseat
of a car
filled with guys
that irony
most certainly was not
lost on me. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The View

the view from the bus
from the bridge
from the arch
white triangles reach skyward
frozen in time
past green and into blue again
and you ache
not to be
on this bus
on this bridge
on this arch
but glad
at least
for the view.